What are the special things installed in Tesla Model Y car.

Tesla model, the world’s most popular electric vehicle manufacturer, is liked by a lot of people. Tesla Model Y is included in the list of the most expensive cars in the world and not only the expensive car, if we talk about its features, it is also the car with the most futuristic features in the world for its features and we would also like to tell you that It comes in the list of best-selling cars of Faisal. Tesla Model Y is capturing the hearts of people all over the world. Talking about the features of Tesla Model Y car, you have topped in terms of features. We will talk about the features of Tesla Model Y in this article, so first of all, as our question was, what is the special thing in Tesla Model Y that makes it so special,

then come in this article, we will talk about Tesla Model Y. Will talk about some special things of Y model. Let us tell you that the Model Y works as a police car as assigned to the intelligence department of the police. Let us tell you that lights, sirens and radios have been installed in these cars to help the police work. As you know very well that any special person or any vehicle for any government person, then it is very VIP, on the basis of that if we talk about Tesla model bike car, then it is also very VIP. There is a car and it is not only a VIP but it is a VVIP car which is very helpful in the functioning of the police.

That is, the long-range Midnight Silver Metallic model on 19-inch Gemini wheels has been included in the Vaiko Police’s fleet of patrolling cars as the police department wants to use alternative fuel and green technology. To see in this way, this car which is Tesla Model Y, this car has been made available with a lot of special features. Based on some reviews, such electric petrol car has been equipped with state-of-the-art Whalen Sencom lighting technology. And the SAN CONCOR system comes with a host of great features, including speed, configuration and expansion of the car,

as well as that toilet and report connectivity that add to the safety of the police officer. Meaning that here Tesla Model Y is provided with enough safety. Would like to inform you that Joe Hastings of Hudson Police Department has purchased a Model Y car. And this purchase can save $ 8525 approximately ₹ 6 lakh 26 thousand on fuel in 5 years. It means to say that it also saves a lot of money. And thus Model Y is also becoming popular all over the world because of these special features.

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