Types of Tesla Charging Stations

Today in Kaisa Tikal we are going to talk about what types are there in Tesla’s charging station. So today we will know about the types of charging stations of Tesla and how it charges, as well as we will now know what the size of the battery is. As we all know that Tesla electric cars are very popular all over the world and Tesla electric cars, very famous for their battery range, remain in their headlines. As our question was, let us know about the types of charging stations. The time taken to charge electric cars depends on the charging rate of the charging point we are using and such charging is generally less energy intensive which makes it very slow. manufactures.

Look, we would like to tell you that you must have generally noticed that you are using AC when you charge at home with a traditional lamp or wallbox or even say that at some public stations. And brother on the other hand fast DC charging can be completed in less than 1 hour and is generally found only at public charging stations. We would like to tell you that there are three levels of UV charging – Level One, Level 2 and Level 3. Of these, Level 3 can be divided into DC Fast Charging and Tesla Supercharger.

The higher the level of charging, the faster the charging process as more power can be provided to the vehicle. And for the level-1 charger, the charging time always ranges from 11 to 20 hours and if we talk about the level 2 charger, then it takes about 3 to 8 hours to charge the level-2 charger. Let us tell you that DC fast charging takes up to 1 hour, so within 1 hour your Tesla Supercharger takes 40 minutes to charge your Tesla. Tell me it saves your time a lot, that means that the DC fast charging which is there, it charges your electric car very soon in a very short time. Now we will talk about the size of the battery such as the larger the battery capacity of your car as measured in kWs, the longer it takes to charge, which means that the battery manufacturer can reduce the charging time and go as fast as possible. We are also working hard to make it possible to charge the battery pack.

See, let us tell you that the battery capacity of every car is different, like suppose there are many cars, for example the battery capacity of Nissan Leaf is 40k w.h. And while the Tesla Model X has a capacity of 75 kW&h, using the 7 kW charging point for both cars could lead to a lift in 6 hours and a zero to 100% charge for the Tesla in 11 hours. Did you know that you can charge the car battery only at the maximum charge rate that the car can accept, so electric cars have an on board charger that converts AC electricity into DC to charge the battery? And so that your Tesla car charges very quickly, the onboard chargers add power to the battery pack and have their own power rating. For example, we would like to tell you that the Rikki Tesla Model 3 has an 11.5 kWh charger and 80.5 kWh battery and which takes about 7 hours to fully charge.

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