Is the Tesla Cybertruck Bullet Proof

In today’s article, we will know whether Tesla Cybertruck is a bullet proof truck. But first we would like to know why Tesla Cybertruck is so strong and so famous all over the world. So let’s know that Tesla Kaya Electric Cybertruck is becoming very popular around the world for its range and its features. And now it is being liked a lot in India too.

So let’s know first of all let’s talk about the size of Cybertruck. The size of Tesla’s Cybertruck is huge, the size of this truck so big that the ongoing work ahead of it looks very bony. And the side of this truck is pretty sharp. Also, the body of this electric truck is made of ultra hard stainless-steel and it measures 231.7 inches in length and 79.8 inches in width by 75 inches. Talking about the Tesla Cybertruck, it is quite economical because Tesla’s Electric Cybertruck is available in a range of 400 km, 480 km and 800 km. And the price of these three ranges is different, the price of 400 km range has been fixed at around ₹ 2800000 and the price for 480 km range is fixed around ₹ 3500000 and the cybertruck with 800 km range has been fixed at around ₹ 5000000. Has been. And this is a very good range and such a range is enough for the highway of the country. Look,

you all know that it is a lot of trouble to cross a car in India and as you just read that cybertruck has increased a lot, you will make it difficult to fire it, but it is not that we would like to tell you that this truck Can be crossed even in small space as it is not bigger than side. And the special thing about this truck is that this truck can run on the short lane in India. And as you have just mentioned above that it is quite strong and capable of pulling the weight, then this is the reason why it will not have any problem in covering long distances. As in this article,

we want to know whether Tesla Cybertruck is really bullet proof, so let us know in this article that Tesla Cybertruck is bulletproof. This electric cyber track has been made blood proof only. And so far this Tesla Cybertruck is not only bulletproof but also scratch-proof, yes this Cybertruck is also scratch proof. For example,

if someone shoots on this truck or someone rubs it with a sharp object, then there will be no scratch on this truck nor will its paint fade. No, you must have seen that there are many luxury cars in India on which the traffic gets scratched and even if the new car comes on the road, then there is no guarantee of avoiding the news, but if we talk about Tesla Cybertruck. So here there is nothing less than a miracle in this matter.

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