how much is tesla car cost in india

In this article we are going to talk about the price of Tesla car, how much is the price of Tesla car in India. You come to know about the prices of Tesla cars. See, first of all we would like to tell that Tesla is included in the list of most expensive cars in the world. Which is popular worldwide for its luxury hi-tech features. And Tesla has earned its very name around the world. Tesla, the world’s largest electric car maker, rules the hearts of the wealthy.

The world’s largest electric car maker has captured the world’s attention with its cars. That is, these luxurious sedan electric cars of Tesla have attracted people from all over the world. And not only in America, now in India too Tesla cars are becoming so crazy that their first choice has become Tesla car only. So, on this basis, we know what the Tesla car is called in India.

See, before this, we would like to tell you that Tesla has many models and whose prices are very different, so in this article we will introduce you to the prices of all Tesla models. So let’s know what is the cost of Tesla in India.

So first of all let us talk about the price of Tesla Model 3. See, let us tell you that Tesla Model 3 is Tesla’s cheapest and best selling car and it will be imported in large numbers and sold to customers in India. And on this basis, the approximate price of Tesla Model 3 will be made available in the Indian market from Rs 55 lakh to Rs 60 lakh. So now let’s talk about the price of Tesla Model X.

If we talk about the price of Tesla Model X in India, then its price has been fixed between about $ 89,990 to $ 119, 990. On the other hand, if we talk about the price of Tesla Model X, how much will the Tesla Model X cost in India, then on the basis of some reviews, it has been found that the price of Tesla Model S car can be up to Rs 1.5 crore.

And probably the Tesla model in the Indian market will be the first car in the luxury sedan car segment to be so expensive. The price of Tesla Model X is not very high in front of the features of Tesla Model S because the features of Tesla Model X are very futuristic. And at the same time it is a luxury car. In which a lot of hi-tech features have been made available and not only hi-tech features, but hi-tech safety features are very futuristic in it, which you have not even imagined in your dreams. So Tesla car models will continue to dominate the Indian market as well. And through this article, this information can prove to be very useful for you.

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